Bipolar Disorder Treatment Psychologist in Northern Beaches

Bipolar disorder is a debilitating psychological condition that affects millions of people worldwide. A condition such as this requires careful attention and effective treatment, so that those suffering can live normal, healthy, lives. Additionally, people suffering from the condition need a place where they can feel at home, free of judgement and open to express their most honest thoughts.


Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Northern Beaches

Cit Counselling understands the needs of patients, and we have developed successful therapies for treatment based on these needs. Nobody should have to live a life of pain and torment, and we do whatever we can to ensure that this is never the case. For those suffering from bipolar disorder, Cit Counselling is your go-to treatment facility.

Bipolar disorder has become one of the more difficult psychological conditions to treat to date. Unfortunately, the stigmas associated to bipolar disorder often make it difficult for people to come forth and approach therapy with a positive outlook.

Bipolar disorder often consists of alternating symptoms of elation and depression, making normal living very difficult to achieve. The mood shifts and inability to carry out everyday tasks creates a burden on the suffering person, leaving them feeling hopeless and helpless.

Such manic tendencies are exacerbated by neurological imbalances that are difficult to rectify without the help of a certified professional. Bipolar disorder is very particular, with patients taking to niche therapies well, whether these consist of art therapy courses or conditioning treatments.

In order to cater to the specific needs of the patient, a certified professional should be available at all times. The team of psychologists here at Cit counselling in Northern Beaches uses two key methods – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Therapy (IT) – to help patients with all sorts of conditions, including bipolar disorder.

We aim to encourage patients to focus on the present and work through the thought processes and imbalances that they struggle with daily. As such, we are proud to help you find the best bipolar psychologist northern beaches has to offer.

For some people suffering from the condition, psychological therapies alone are effective in resolving their bipolar disorder. For others, a combination of therapy and medication is the most effective path to recovery. Together with your medical professional, a psychologist at Cit counselling can help you find the combination that is right for you and those you care for.

Bipolar Psychologist in Northern Beaches

Cit counselling is the bipolar disorder treatment centre to rely on, and the Australian Psychological Society supports it. Appointments are typically 50-60 minutes long, and our rates are reasonable and affordable. Give us a call at 0401 032 095 to book your appointment today, and discover the safe and comfortable space we give to our patients for a successful recovery.

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