Couples Counselling Northern Beaches

Living together as a couple can sometimes prove difficult. When problems arise and you can't resolve them by yourselves, you may want to consider seeking couples counselling.

Here at Cit Counselling, we offer a range of counselling services in a safe and caring environment, including counselling for couples.

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Couples Counselling Northern Beaches

Our couples counselling has proven very helpful for couples who have issues in their relationship, even if some of the issues seem quite trivial on the surface.

With years of counselling and mediation experience, our professional counsellors have the skills and experience to help you identify your issues, find the root causes and agree ways to resolve or deal with the problems within your relationship.

No matter what the status of your relationship, or whether your single, gay or straight, you'll find that our couples counsellors will always offer you a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive environment in which to work through your relationship issues.

We've years of experience in helping couples to gain the courage to talk through their problems, giving you space to discuss your thoughts without feeling as though you're being judged.

Whenever you need help or advice, you can be sure that we offer some of the most beneficial couples counselling Northern Beaches has available in a safe and comfortable space.

What can you expect from one of our couples counselling sessions?

You'll meet with one of our trained counsellors who specialise in counselling couples. They'll ask you some questions about you, your partner and your relationship. They'll also ask you what you hope to gain from your counselling sessions, although we understand that some couples may not have a definite outcome in mind.

Whether you prefer to attend all the sessions together, all the sessions on an individual basis, or you'd like a mixture of solo and couple sessions, is entirely down to you. We also understand that one partner may not wish to attend counselling at all.

How can couples counselling help your relationship?

Some couples go into couples counselling knowing exactly what they hope to get from it. Others have more of an open-mind about how couples counselling will help their relationship.

Whatever your view, one thing you can expect from the counselling sessions is that you'll experience some positive changes either in your relationship, your outlook, or both.

Some couples have found that attending counselling sessions totally transformed their relationship while others used the sessions as a way to work through a particular issue.

Find out more about our couples counselling in Northern Beaches

To find out more about our couples counselling services, call 0401 032 095. Please be assured that we understand that this may be difficult for you, so we treat every enquiry with sensitivity and in complete confidence.

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