Depression Psychologist Northern Beaches, Sydney

Anyone, regardless of their age or background, can experience feelings of depression at some stage in their lives. In fact, depression affects one in three people at some stage of their life. If you are struggling with depression, know that you are most certainly not alone.

The triggers and extent of feelings of depression can vary greatly from person to person. Some people may feel worthless, while others may struggle to motivate themselves to leave their homes, to go to work or to interact with people. Some people may feel like life isn’t worth living anymore while others find themselves feeling anxious and worried a lot or frequently, yet often unexplainably, in tears.


Looking for a Psychologist in Northern Beaches to help you battle Depression?

If you’re suffering from depression, you can feel like you are not getting any satisfaction or fulfilment out of life. Depression can often result in a change in sleeping patterns – waking up frequently, difficulty getting to sleep, nightmares, night terrors or even oversleeping.

Depression can also result in a change in eating habits be it a loss of appetite or overeating. You may also find that you experience overwhelming tiredness and find it difficult to energise yourself. In more severe cases of depression, suicidal thoughts or behaviours are quite common.

Depression can make day-to-day life very difficult. However, life does not have to be quite so hard. Help is at hand at Cit Counselling.

Led by clinical psychologist Janette Tombleson, Cit Counselling can assure the most experienced and professional depression psychologist and counsellors Northern Beaches has to offer. We can provide you with the necessary tools to identify triggers and manage feelings of depression.

With our help, you can achieve a more fulfilled life; the life that you deserve. Regardless of what issues you are dealing with, we can help you look at things objectively. We are here to listen and advise you in the best way possible. With our help and guidance, you will learn how to be calm, confident and more positive about your future.

Depression Counsellor in Northern Beaches

At Cit Counselling, we have helped people from various walks of life to manage depression and take a positive step forward in their lives. Depression counselling and therapy is all about empowering you to be your full self.

Despite how down, unhappy or dejected you may be feeling, allow us to show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. After each session with us, you will feel more and more positive about the future and more in control of your emotions and your depression, all of which will lead to a more fulfilled life.

We offer a comfortable, safe space for you to openly discuss your depression and seek advice on a positive way forward. Book a consultation today and take a significant leap towards a brighter future.

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