Marriage Counselling Northern Beaches, Sydney

Anyone of us at some stage of our lives could find ourselves experiencing sustained periods of anxiety, low self-esteem, sleeping issues, emotional pain, stress, depression, relationship issues, grief or trauma.

If you find yourself experiencing emotional pain or distress of any kind, it really helps to talk to a professional counsellor or psychologist in Northern Beaches. The key to overcoming personal issues, emotional pain or stress is to understand and deal with the root cause(s).

When in need of reationship counselling North Beaches residents know there is a safe, comfortable space that they can go to for help – Cit Counselling

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Are you in need of Marriage Counselling in Northern Beaches?

Headed by leading clinical psychologist Janette Tomblinson, Cit Counselling are the specialist provider of trauma management, eating disorders counselling, anxiety and depression counselling, relationship counselling and marriage counselling Northern Beaches residents know they can trust.

When you need a comfortable environment to talk about your feelings without feeling judged, know that the doors at Cit Counselling are always open for you. Whether looking for counselling for eating disorders, couples counselling in Northern Beaches, stress, trauma, anxiety, depression or self-esteem, a psychologist in Sydney, or even relationship counselling Mona Vale and Manly residents can find solace with, avail of the expert help that’s available at Cit Counselling.

Start your new year off on the right track and get in touch with us today.

Being married can sometimes prove to be stressful for all kinds of reasons.

Whether you've been married for years, you're finding the transition from single life to married life more difficult than you expected, or you're just about to get married, our marriage guidance counselling can help you to work through any issues you may have as a couple.

The professional counsellors at Cit Counselling will help you to identify and deal with the root causes and find solutions in a safe and comfortable environment. With years of experience in helping couples to resolve their differences, we offer some of the best marriage counselling Northern Beaches has available.

It doesn't matter whether you're already married, living together, planning to get married, single, gay or straight, our trained counsellors are here to help you with your relationship issues.

We'll help you to work your way through all kinds of problems and situations in a caring and supportive environment, even if you consider these issues to be trivial.

We specialise in helping you to find a way through any difficulties your relationship may be facing, giving you space to talk about your emotions without feeling as though you're being judged.

At Cit Counselling, we also offer pre-marriage counselling for couples that are about to get married, or thinking about taking that step.

What to expect at a marriage counselling session

Our trained counsellors will not only ask you questions about you and your partner, and your relationship, but they'll also want to know what you hope to gain by taking part in the counselling sessions.

You can choose to attend the sessions with your partner, on your own, or you may prefer to choose a combination of solo and couple sessions, so that you each get the opportunity to say what's on your mind without the other partner being present.

Whatever your preference, always be fully assured that your sessions, whether solo or couple, will always be completely confidential and non-judgemental.

How will marriage counselling help?

To make the most of your marriage counselling it's useful to know what you expect to get out of it. That said; you’re not expected to know what you want to achieve either.

You will experience positive changes in your relationship after just one session with us. Some couples say that counselling transformed their relationship after just a few sessions with our expert therapists.

Others find that it helped them to resolve a specific issue, and allowed them to move on. And, even if your relationship doesn't undergo significant changes, you may find that counselling helps you to gain a different perspective on your relationship as a whole.

If you'd like to find out more about our marriage counselling services in Northern Beaches, please contact us on 0401 032 095 or via our contact form.

We understand that taking the first step is often the hardest thing to do so we'll do everything we can to make it as stress-free as possible.

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