Panic Attacks Treatment

Anxiety affects most people at some stage in life. Having said this, if anxiety is crippling your life, and you are prone to panic attacks, you need to take action. Panic attacks are an extreme form of anxiety, referring to the terror or confusion resulting from a perceived threat.
Understand Panic Attacks
A panic attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and intense fear. Your heart begins to pound, the room can begin to spin, your palms can sweat and you can struggle to breathe. Without treatment, panic attacks can lead to panic disorders and other, more severe, problems. Panic attacks can lead to avoiding certain people or situations. As a result, your day-to-day life can be hugely affected.

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Panic Attacks Treatment in Northern Beaches

Panic attacks are treatable disorders. There is no need for you to continue life experiencing frequent, overwhelming panic attacks, anxiety and fear. Help is at hand. Cit Counselling are the leading specialist providers of panic attacks treatment Northern Beaches has to offer.

Led by experienced clinical psychologist, Janette Tombleson, we can help you to understand the root cause of your anxiety. With our help, you can learn how to control your anxiety levels, reduce worrying thoughts and overcome the fears that are contributing to your panic attacks.

We want to empower you to understand the cause of your panic attacks. We can focus on the thinking patterns and behaviours that are triggering the panic attacks. We can help you to look at your fears and behaviours in a more realistic light.

We can help you reduce the fear of a panic attack and form alternative responses to situations or people who appear to trigger panic or anxiety in you. Cit Counselling not only offers a means of understanding your panic, fears and anxiety, we can also help you to learn how to control your breathing and practice relaxation techniques.

In turn, we can equip you with all of the tools required to successfully overcome your panic attacks. Most importantly, we don’t just provide you with these tools, we teach you how to use them.

Panic Attacks Treatment in Sydney

Cit Counselling offers a comfortable, relaxing, safe environment in which you can discuss your fears, what makes you anxious, past experiences and anything else you would like to disclose. Our specialist psychologists will provide an expert listening ear and offer advice to help you develop better coping and problem-solving skills. We can also assist you if you are also dealing with anxiety and depression.

We have helped people from all walks of life to overcome severe anxiety and panic attacks. After each session, you will feel more in control of your anxiety and feel more and more empowered to overcome your panic attacks.

Take the first step to treating your anxiety and panic attacks. Call Cit Counselling today to book a consultation. We’re here to help.