Psychologist Sydney

How do you know it may be time to see a psychologist? A good time to seek help from a clinical psychologist is when you feel overwhelmed, can no longer cope on your own, are finding it difficult to function at work, home, school, or in social settings or are experiencing disturbed sleep.

People go to therapy for a variety of reasons from depression to anxiety disorders, family problems to parenting difficulties, low self-esteem to conflicts with sexuality, relationship issues to trauma management.

Whatever issue is preventing you from living your life to the fullest; know that help is on hand. When you need someone to talk to, turn to the leading psychologist Sydney has to offer – Janette Tombleson and her expert team at Cit Counselling...Read More

Are you looking for a Professional Psychologist in Sydney?

Cit Counselling in Northern Beaches create a safe place for you to feel comfortable exploring self-defeating or negative patterns of behaviour.

Your psychologist will work with you to determine the root cause of issues and gain insight into any barriers that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential. The team at Cit Counselling will help you to learn how to develop more positive ways to cope with your problems so that you can better manage relationships, your family life and your work.

Research studies have shown that therapy can be effective in alleviating many personal problems. Psychologists can help people deal with deaths, stress, grief, trauma, anxiety and much more.

Life is very rarely without its challenges and anyone, no matter their background, career, social status or walk of life, can be subject to overbearing states of emotion.

Even if you feel that a trauma or behaviour of yours can simply never be overcome or that you can never move on, know that help is available for every single problem that life throws your way. By visiting a psychologist in Sydney, you effectively start a journey to a more positive life.

Cit Counselling provide a range of different counselling services with offices in both Manly and Mona Vale.

We are the trusted providers of anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, self-esteem and relationship counselling Sydney residents know that they can trust to help them go on a successful journey to a more positive life.

Our expert psychologists make it their mission to ensure all clients feel as comfortable as possible and ensure a relaxed environment where you feel free to openly discuss your feelings without feeling judgement or negativity.

Even with it comes to couples counselling, Sydney clients find that Cit Counselling provide a very suitable environment for both members of a couple to express their feelings and emotions and identify a resolution.

Whatever issues you are experiencing, we encourage you to come talk to us, even if only once. Book an appointment with a member of our expert team of psychologists today. You’ll never look back...Hide Content