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People all over the world are still battling one of the most widespread addictions, smoking. Cigarettes serve as a vice for millions of people worldwide, and the accessibility of cigarettes makes the addiction all that much more difficult to treat. at.
Quit Smoking with Addiction Counselling in Sydney

Cit Counselling helps people overcome their smoking addiction using effective therapies that keep the addiction at bay long-term. We have proudly helped people live smoke-free lives, and strive to continue helping people rid themselves of the addiction on a daily basis.  

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Quit smoking with Smoking addiction counselling is highly sought-after by many people reliant on cigarettes to get through their days. Nicotine is an incredibly addictive alkaloid that strengthens the psychological bond people has with cigarettes. This exacerbates smoking and creates an addiction that is very difficult to undo.

Due to the physical traumas that cigarette smoking causes, people are eager to find ways to cope with this addiction so that they can lead healthier lives. The onset of lung cancer due to direct and second-hand smoking is a good reason to quit.

There are many therapies out there to tackle the addiction, but all must be led by trained professionals in order to ensure a successful recovery. Sometimes, outside support is a necessity if you are to stay on track with your recovery and avoid triggers that deter you from your goal.

As such, Cit Counselling helps people undo their smoking addictions and quit smoking with a series of selected therapy sessions tailored to each individual. These therapies consist of one-on-one meetings with a psychologist, leveraging the methodologies present in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CIT) and Interpersonal Therapy (IT).

Additionally, our professionals might consider hypnotherapy in Northern Beaches to quit or reduce your smoking, which produces beneficial chemicals to change your thoughts to positive ones. When it comes to smoking addiction, hypnotherapy is one of the best and most effective methods in alleviating the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting smoking.

Leading to many successful transformations, our team prides itself on having developed a great hypnotherapy treatment option. You can also find some excellent meditations on our site to help you stay on track and encourage you to think positively throughout your treatment.

If you are tired of always feeling that urge to light up a cigarette, then have the experts at Cit Counselling help you with your addiction. There is no reason you should have to live a life of cigarette smoking when help is out there to get you on your way to a better life. We guarantee you a healthy recovery and a healthier life. Contact a highly qualified smoking addiction Psychologist today!

Some people considering quitting or reducing smoking may also suffer from anxiety and looking for depression counselling, CIT Counselling can help you through a number of issues you may be trying to control.

For more information on our rates and our services, give the team here at Cit Counselling a call on 0401 032 095. We would be happy to book your first appointment with us.