Relationship Counselling Northern Beaches

Are you having issues in your relationship that you can't seem to resolve? If so, you may want to consider attending our relationship counselling sessions in Northern Beaches.

At Cit Counselling, we've years of experience in all kinds of counselling, and we offer some of the best relationship counselling Northern Beaches has available.

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As professional counsellors, we understand that sometimes a relationship can lose its way for one reason or another. And that's when we're here to help.

We have all the skills and experience to help you to talk through and resolve your issues and put your relationship back on the right track.

Whether you're married, single or living together, and whether you're in a straight or gay relationship, booking a meeting with a relationship counsellor Northern Beaches residents can trust can be of great benefit.

We'll talk you through the whole process so you'll know exactly what you can expect from our relationship counselling sessions, and how they can help you to improve your relationship with your partner.

What will happen at a relationship counselling session?

Some people are understandably anxious about talking about their problems with a complete stranger. However, we'd like to put your mind at rest.

Our relationship guidance counselling takes place in a warm and caring environment, and our counsellors are not only completely professional but they're very supportive too. They'll encourage you to discuss your feelings about your relationship, and help you to explore how you'd like it to be in the future.

There's no pressure, no judgement and no prescribed solutions. Whatever your problems or issues, we'll help you to identify the root cause so that you're better prepared to work on the solution that's right for you.

Everything you say will remain completely confidential, and you won't get the feeling that you're being judged.

Attendance at the sessions is determined by your needs. You can come alone if you wish, or with your partner. If you prefer to have a combination of solo and partner sessions, this can also be accommodated.

In short, we work with you to find the best way for YOU to get the most out of your relationship counselling sessions.

How will relationship counselling help?

Before starting counselling, your relationship counsellor will want you to think about what you hope to get out of your counselling sessions. And, even if you don't know what your ultimate aim is, you can expect that many positives will come from the counselling process, whether that's helping you to resolve a specific issue, improving your relationship as a whole, or helping you to see aspects of your relationship in a different light.

To book a counselling session, or to speak to one of our Northern Beaches relationship counsellors, simply call us on 0401 032 095. All enquiries will be treated with complete confidentiality and sensitivity.

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